Terms & Conditions

To be a Qualified Participant for this special promotion, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Married or Cohabitating couples, at least one of them must be between 28 and 70 years old when attending the Sales Presentation. Each one of them must present valid photo ID's that includes their age and same address as their spouse's or partners. Otherwise, the Marriage Certificate or their children in common (proven) will serve as proof of marriage or cohabitation. Their annual combined income must be at least $60,000 USD. Married or Cohabitating couples must attend the Sales Presentation together.

2. Must have a steady legally recorded job. Full time employment only, part time does not qualify for this promotion. Retirees accepted only if one has legally recorded job (pensions or retirement money do not participate)

3. Qualified Prospects must present at the time of the Sales Presentation at least one (1) personalized valid major credit card such as MasterCard, Visa or American Express (corporate credit cards, Discover credit cards, extension credit cards, debit cards and debit cards that function also as credit cards are NOT accepted).

4. Must be US or Canadian permanent residents (not including Quebec).

5. All travelers must present a valid ID such as a passport and driver's license at the time of the Sales Presentation.

6. Speak and write fluent English or Spanish and be able to read and sign a legally binding agreement without the help of a translator.

7. All adult travelers must attend together to the 90-120 minute Sales Presentation of the vacation club at the hotel.

8. At the moment of check-in to the hotel, the reception will ask for a guarantee deposit on the Qualified Prospect's credit card for the amount of 750 Usd which will be canceled at the moment the guest checks out of the hotel and has complied with all the requirements detailed on this document.

9. This package does not apply for clients traveling for special events, as it is informed but not limited to, Group Travel, Weddings and Conventions.

10.- Travelers who do not meet these requirements will lose their status of being a Qualified Prospect for this package resulting in the travelers paying the rack rate of the hotel for total of the stay.

Those described below will NOT be considered Qualified Participants even if they meet all of the above requirements and will be required to pay the rack rate:

a) Travel agency employees; current or former time-share employees and retired people. b) Single clients do not quality for this promotion.

c) Anyone who has attended in the past the Vacation Club Sales Presentation at any Sandos hotel, including members or former members of the Vacation Club belonging to the hotel chain.

d) Participants who had attended or will attend a sales presentation in another hotel 30 days before or 30 days after their stay at the resort.

e) Any person whose name is not the original name on the reservation (this Minivac package is not transferable).

f) If friends and/or family are traveling together with different confirmation numbers, none of them will qualify for the promotional package and will be required to pay the rack rate.